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Frequently Asked Questions

Appraise Online Solutions (Windows & Appraise.ASP)

Are you compatible with Windows XP?
What methods does a user have to access your system?
Are there any special installation requirements?
Are software upgrades free with maintenance subscription?
How does the user obtain the new release?
What special permissions are required to enable full functionality?
How do I obtain a password?
How many users can access your system simultaneously?
Is training available?
How does a user manually add price information for those assets?
Do you support imports of CUSIP® and share information into your system, or must this information be entered manually?
What output formats do you offer? Can data be exported into other formats to allow further sorting or manipulation?
Who provides your pricing data?
What does “Cannot connect to the citrix server” mean?
After installation of Appraise I receive the message “Missing Communications
Program”, why?

Appraise Outsourcing Solutions (Fax, Mail & E-mail)

What do you need from a client in order to process a valuation?
How long does it take to process my order?
Can I place my order over the telephone?
Can I just send you a copy of the Brokerage statement?
What do I need to do to set up an account with you?
My client has several Brokerage accounts that I'd like to value separately. Is this possible?
Is there anything APPRAISE doesn't price?
How long do you keep my reports on file?

Accounts & Fees

How do I set up an account with you?
What are your licensing requirements?
Can more than one user work on the same account?
What are the fees for valuation of securities?
How is billing handled?
Can multiple accounts be billed to a central account?

General Questions

Why should a Trust and Estate professional not use BigCharts.com or Yahoo.com?
What asset types can be priced by your system?
What asset types cannot be priced by your system?
How are corporate actions handled?
How are sales handled?
How are stock dividends and stock splits reflected?
How are treasury bills and paydowns held on alternate valuation date handled?
How do you calculate principal payments made between date of death and alternate date on paydown securities?
Do you calculate accruals on all mutual funds?
Do you calculate accrual through date of death?
Do you include carryover accrual on UITs as part of your accrued income?
Why should a Trust and Estate professional not use Finance.Yahoo.com?
How far back in history is pricing data available?

If you can't find the answer to your question above, please feel free to Contact Us. We have experts dedicated to answer all your concerns and technical questions.

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